Bob Libby as a beggar, a writer, an educator and a Episcopal Priest.

As a beggar he travels across the country speaking in behalf of Food For The Poor.


As a writer , he is an award winning international journalist and author of five published books . The best Known is "THE FORGINESS BOOK" published by COWLEY in the U.S and SPCK In the U.K


As a educator , he has lectured in graduate schools and served as chaplain at several preparatory schools , including The Episcopal High School of Jacksonville , Florida. His books have also been required reading in secondary schools and on the graduate level.


As an Espiscopal priest he has served churches in Atlanta and Florida. His most recent appointment being as the interim dean of Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, Miami. In his career he held the post of director of radio and television on the national staff of the Episcopal Church in New York. He has been a guest preacher at St. Paul's Cathedral, London, chaplain on the QE2 and preacher on the nationwide radio series , " The protestant Hour " He also hosted for many years an interfaith T.V program with a Rabbi, a Roman Catholic priest and a Black College president.


Born on Long Island , N.Y he attended Georgia Tech, received an AB degree from Emory University, served  as an officer in the Marine Corps during the tail end of the Korean War and now holds two graduate degrees from University  of the South.


Bob Libby and his wife Lynne , a professional artist live in Key Biscayne, Florida.